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Exselle SaddelsWelcome to the world of Exselle at Walsall Riding Saddle Company, vision and commitment to work with saddle fitters, riders and trainers has culminated in Exselle manufacturing leading saddle designs.

A family business Walsall Riding Saddle has been manufacturing their “Ply-bond” tree for almost 60 years, making their saddles from the “Trees” up means that saddles made to template are done so at the point of your tree being made. This gives us the benefit of your saddle starting life as the right fitting tree for your saddle rather than damage to a tree whilst changing the fit as is common practice these days thereby weakening the basic structure of the tree.

The choice of colours and designs offer you, the customer, an ability to choose what you want for your horse aesthetically and having the security of a first class design – safe in the knowledge that your saddle has been made by one of our experienced master craftsmen.
The wealth of skill and expertise shared by our saddlers bridle makers and tree-makers is incomparable.

Made to template, or not, an Exselle saddle will always give you and your horse the comfort and enjoyment required to offer the best riding experience and thereby the best chance to succeed in whichever field of equitation you pursue.

Our web-site includes the current best selling models, if your favourite is not shown please call to ask us for details. Our ranges most of which are available with flocked or foam panels. Stock sizes go from narrow to extra-wide 14” – 18” (sizes available are indicated individually)
We would be pleased to discuss ideas and queries for fitting and functionality.

Our vast experience of saddle and bridle making and fitting will help you to reach an informed decision, about this most important purchase for you and your horse.

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